Memorial strives to offer many opportunities for children and adults to learn about the Bible, how to interpret it with reason, how to benefit from the traditions of the church and how our experiences shape our Christian life.

Sunday School Classes at 10 am

Children’s Sunday School in the Social Hall.

Adults in the Lose Library (in the Worship Center building)

Lenten Study Groups

Many opportunities are provided for meaningful bible studies during Lent.  Check News for latest classes.

Second Saturday Academy Study:

This is combined study with Memorial and the Academy Church.

 Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group

This is a prayer group that gets together every Wednesday morning at 7:30 to enjoy a time of studying and praying.  Come have some breakfast, fellowship, and enlightenment at the Denny’s  restaurant located on Shaw near Willow.

Christian Book Club

Read some good books and discuss them on Tuesday’s at 7pm at the Christian Book Club meeting in the Library.

Special Classes

There are always special classes being offered at various times to fit everyone’s needs. If you have any questions about these please feel free to call the church office, 299-4615