Financial Support

Your heart is where your Treasure lies. Tithe. Try it and see what happens. Making a “pledge” helps us know how much resources can be applied to our program through the year.  Also you can donate now using credit card or paypal. Click here to donate now.

Turn your old gadgets (cell phones, iPods, cameras, camcorders, etc) into cash for the church. Click here for

Donate your old clothing, kitchen ware, household items, etc to the Mission Thrift Store.  This helps people with low income to purchase needed items cheaply and the income is sent to the United Methodist church for missions. (Apportionment)

Service to the Church

Stewardship does not have to involve money.  Your time and talents can be a great service to the church.  Many ministries and programs are available at Memorial that will result in your spiritual growth. Follow your heartbursts, interests, and talents in service to the church. The church will support you.

Donations “in kind”

The church is like a big household. Desks, computers, monitors, TVs, DVD players, lamps, etc are often needed.  Think of the church before throwing anything of value out.